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🔒LP locked: 80% after presale ends.

🔥Supply Burned: 20℅ after presale ends.

Keep sailing and jump on ship to the moon🚀🚀


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⏰ Presale start: 9 Dec 13:00 (UTC)
⏰ Presale Ends: 14 Dec 13:00 (UTC)
✅ Listing on Pancakeswap: after presale ends or immediately when reached hardcap.

🔐 Audited by Techrate
🔥 Burn 20% after presale
📊 Low MCAP
✅ Verified Contract Address
💸 Play to Earn + Marketplace
💰 NFT Farming + Staking
💎 Big Gems

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With the events throughout the past time, Moonpet Legend always sticks very closely to our Roadmap. This is one of the factors that help the game get more and more trust and credibility.

Let’s take a look at the events in this 4th quarter:

🏹 December 9: MGED Presale IDO — Presale hold on Pinksale Platform

🏹 December 15: Marketplace 1.0 official launch — Buy, Sell, Trade NFT pet cards.

🏹 December 22: Moonpet Legend launches the Official Version ( SHOP, SUMMON, NFT FARMING, STAKING, RANKING)

🏹 December 25: Launch Official Legend Game version 1.0 — The first game in the Moonpet Legend Multiverse

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📣 After the results of the community feedback, we decided to hold the pre-sale on Pinksale platform🔥

⏱ Presale link: TBA
🌐 Website —
🔐 Audited by Techrate
🔥 Burn 20% after presale
📊 Low MCAP
✅ Verified Contract Address
💸 Play to Earn + Marketplace
💰 NFT Farming + Staking
💎 Big Gems

🔖 CA: 0x515c2848034858da030acc47465a4b6354ea8d82
✅ Report:

❗️Because there are required conditions to participate in the Presale v1. We saw some whitelisted addresses participants did not contribute. So we decided to cancel the Whitelist program and open it for public sale to everyone with the remnant allocations on presale.

🔥 Update the presale allocation and listing time…

First of all, a big thank you to all participating in the whitelisting contest!

The Lucky Presale v1 Whitelist Winners

Let’s now move on to the lucky WINNERS! 🏆

0x58cC1032e857B0Be2FB17Ffb51690A96486c61F7 0xB5891662Db3B5297f98Af856D405DfCffc0DfDd5 0x1fFFbD4A1C769e8B7b7C0CaED577501Dc49CA16D 0x739271477C0F349931eC21d5892fc56eEF60e742 0x1103111cd50eEF155221398bA0948726f1D4D2a7 0x3d74cf0C5b10B6009B036a467764b011623E0aB2 0x820B7ae377b336f50D233CFA060762DD3d570F0e 0x20eF97a49A15BAd683019Cee1FD61d012be3Cd62 0x3b7D3138FFD90A7dDF366b736Fc2F573F1aF0B02 0x940A991F280F43f354209804e7A914EB8bEAf86f 0xf8d4f3b32d7e38cE6a4AE8A06Fe48f8601864b79 0xD5A607c1D57525050657268F29b44E444aA63eF4 0x131692F0dE0383d3eFfc8f7a535d77cc411ae211 0x3a790CC80E271d22029B0f3834e7403530dD28eD 0x8b9a6e642bC6adDB5ad4b0f8d81141F54fe6df76 0x62fb43ccC9ED062186679529827410FA6Fd30eCf 0xa1f4e5636B8Ad0fde89b3E9B83e5f1F0b34BB172 0xc74a53d2C28E78fD5aAc43aeC8960Cb82E4f8E79 bnb1vcl2dks3yuvg2gwn37yufst9grh379g5ncysfj 0x4eabC959a5A68EB0Af5D7b0b69A51E1D06f9B15E 0x848002C06D84Fa70044e7272853D529eAE3eCDE0 0x96456dB8e3169D32711DAB07eF2B700734b285be 0xbFf6032E48D2ee0aC2F563be8Fc6CDA7fE58c27D 0xE10802789D1Ac02dc021faB31e206D7D27084056 0x565fC31A12C7F36d072d0B68493B7072655136d3 0x646AacE7E9B39BF64f007DCdB3D9abF06D9EbC89 0x02d390B44c59fbC41669862d294dEa35651E3e25…

🔸 1 BNB = 25,000 $MGED
🔸 Softcap = 250 BNB
🔸 Hard cap = 500 BNB
🔸 Min contribution 0.2 BNB
🔸 Max contribution 10 BNB
🔸 Reward Contribution 10%
🔸 Referral Reward 5%

📌 Listing price 1 BNB = 10.200 MGED
📌 Liquidty lock 80%

25% $MGED of contribution will immediately received to participate $MGED address before listing.

BattleField launching of full version at 00:00UTC (Dec 17th), The test environment supports only PC

The PVP battle is a very important part of the game, we open the test version for everyone to experience, if you find any problems in the game, please timely feedback to us.

All are in the testing phase so there will be errors and will gradually improve in the future, hope everyone sympathizes and everyone plays the game happily.

♦️The game is still in beta, Please wait for the next announcement

Try it out:

Moonpet Legend

Moonpet Legend is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized yield farm utilization where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game.

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